Will YOU stand in the Gap?

Are we willing to answer the Lord’s Call?

People and nations depend upon how WE answer!

Will you stand in the Gap?

This week’s Call To Prayer is an excellent video concerning Intercessors. I encourage you to click on this hyperlink to watch itJ

People and nations depend upon your answer!


Yes, LORD, we want to stand in the gap – for our nation, for our loved ones, for Israel! Teach us to be Your intercessors! Bring Your peace to Jerusalem and to our nation. In the holy Name of our soon-coming Messiah, we ask these things.

IMMEDIATE Prayer Requests:

  1. Maggie (Les’a’s sister-in-law): kidney transplant continued healing
  2. Connie: health and direction!
  3. Lenore & Friend (Lori): healing
  4. Donna’s friend
  5. Dawn: surgery – total repair & traveling blessings
  6. Israel’s safety will not be compromised
  7. USA: Wisdom for our leadership and their health, their direction. Prayer for their safety.
  8. Healing!
  9. Total healing physical and spiritual for all we know and love! Lenore, Tere, Connie, Dawn, Maggie, Joe, Donna’s friend, etc.
  10. Howells: needed sale

Continuous Prayer:

  1. Pray for healing and direction of the US – prayer that evil will  be exposed and silenced.
  2. Pray for Israel – unity and peace
  3. Protection of the persecuted church
  4. PRAYER FOR OUR SOLDIERS: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally whole!

Read what He is doing through prayer!

  1. God is answering prayers!!!
  2. God is answering the prayers of our children­­­­
  3. Maggie survived 2 heart attacks during her heart transplant – and a week later she was released to go home!!!
  4. Norman’s niece cancer in remission!!!
  5. The fires have stopped in Israel!!!
  6. Denise: amazing visit with family.
  7. God intervened in the elections.
  8. April: God opened new doors!