Passover/Hag HaMatzot — 2024

Preparing for Passover/Hag HaMatzot – 2024

Every follower of Yeshua is to present themself before the Lord on the day of the Almighty’s eternal ordinances/appointed times.

Celebrating Passover is making an open proclamation that we remember God’s Covenant of Redemption.

  • God said it is to be practiced annually.
    • Moses, in the book of Exodus, spoke the eternal and foundational words of God: “You must keep this ordinance at the appointed time year after year” (Exodus 13:10).
    • Paul confirmed the Messiah’s words of continuing Passover and the festivals when he stated, “Keep the ordinances,” (1 Corinthians 11:2, KJV).

Celebrating YHVH’s festivals is not a suggestion nor was it optional. A believer does not do this to be saved, rather it is because they are saved that God requires it of them.

The Lord’s Pasover orientation

Haggadah cover

  • Haggadah — 2024 — please scroll past blank pages to the actual text

Preparation for Passover Seder/Hag HaMatzot – 2024

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