Shabbat Message: “Yom Tru’ah Message” (Elder Jim Robeson)

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2023 bulletins — please scroll down to current bulletin

September Bulletins

09/15/2023Yom Tru’ah – 2023 (Elder Jim Robeson)

09-09-2023 – “Restoration of David’s House” (Pastor Don Cole) Elul NOTES: wk 4 — Walls of Jericho Fast … breakthroughs …

09-02-2023 – “God’s Righteous Judgment For Unrighteousness” (Elder Jim Robeson) Elul NOTES: wk 3 — Walls of Jericho Fast continued — may we not be deceived

August Bulletins

08-26-2023 – “The Issue In Acts 15” (Pastor Don Cole) Elul NOTES: wk 2 — Walls of Jericho Fast continued

08-19-2023 – “Heart To Heart” (Pastor Don Cole) Elul NOTES: wk 1 — Walls of Jericho Fast

08-18-2023– CELEBRATION OF TERE JOE’S LIFE (Elder Norman George)

08-12-2023 – “When man thinks he is greater than God …” (Elder Jim Robeson)

08-05-2023 – “There Is No Plan B” (Elder Norman George) Message notes: There Is No Plan B 

July Bulletins

07-29-2023 – “Shabbat … Our Contract” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Shabbat – our contract — 07-29-2023

07-22-2023 – “The Battle for Righteous Love” (Elder Jim Robeson)

07-15-2023 – “If You Don’t Hate Evil …” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-08-2023 – “As in the Days of Noah” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-01-2023 – “Two Kinds of Righteousness, part 2” (Pastor Don Cole). 

June bulletins 

06-24-2023 – “Two Kinds of Righteousness” (Pastor Don Cole). Message notes: Two Kinds of Righteousness

06-17-2023 – “Do we know what we got ourselves into?” (Pastor Don Cole) 

06-10-2023 – “Who Is The Church?” (Pastor Don Cole)

06-03-2023 – “Gentiles = Non-Jews” (Elder Norman George). Message notes: Gentiles = Non-Jews msg

May bulletins

05-27-2023 – “The Remnant of Yeshua’s Body (Pastor Don Cole). Imp’t article: Anti-Judaism & the Council of Nicea

Shavuot – Shavu’ot Service (Elder Jim Robeson)

05-20-2023 – “Empowering His Remnant” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Empowering His Remnant

05-13-2023 – “The Tabernacle of David” (Pastor Don Cole)

05-06-2023 – “I am your God. What part confuses you?” (Elder Jim Robeson)

April bulletins

04-29-2023 – “Restoring The Kingdom To Israel, part 2” (Pastor Don Cole)

04-22-2023 – “Restoring The Kingdom To Israel” (Pastor Don Cole)

04-15-2023 – “Heart to Heart” (Pastor Don Cole)

04-11-2023 – “The Message of Hag HaMatzot, 7th day / Unleavened Bread” (Pastor Don Cole)

04-07-2023 – “The Message of Yom HaBikurim / First Fruits” (Pastor Don Cole)

04-01-2023 – “FirstBorn Memorial” (Elder Norman George)

March bulletins

03-25-2023 – “Passover Preparation” (Pastor Don Cole) HANDOUTS for service: April — Calendar – Passover //  Haggadah — Table of Contents  // Preparation for Zoom Seder

03-18-2023 – “Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

03-11-2023 – “Your First Appointment”” (Pastor Don Cole)

03-04-2023–  “Your Choice” (Elder Jim Robeson)


February bulletins

02-25-2023 – “Shabbat Message” (Elder Norman George)

02-18-2023 – “Mark 7” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Washing Hands

02-11-2023 – “Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

02-04-2023  – “Three-Days Journey” (Elder Norman George)


January bulletins

01-21-2023 – “Heart-To-Heart” (Pastor Don Cole)

01-14-2023– “Holding To Truth” (Pastor Don Cole) 

01-07-2023 – “The World & Its Spiritual Darkness” (Elder Jim Robeson)


2022 bulletins 

December bulletins — Hannukah

12-31-2022 – “You Are Going To Make It!” (Pastor Don Cole)

12-24-2022 – “Hanukkah & Humility Exalts You” (Pastor Don Cole)

12-17 2022 – “The Shabbat was made for man …” (Pastor Don Cole)

12-10-2022 – “In Spirit & In Truth” (Pastor Don Cole)

12-03-2022 – “Sukkot, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving” (Elder Norman George)

November bulletins

11-26-2022“The Ark of the Testimony, part 3” (Pastor Don Cole)

11-18-2022“The Ark of the Testimony, part 2” (Pastor Don Cole)

11-12-2022“The Ark of the Testimony” (Pastor Don Cole)

11-05-2022“Bending Your Knee” (Pastor Don Cole)

October bulletins

10-29-2022“Are You Prepared?” (Elder Jim Robeson)

10-22-2022  – “Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

Sh’mini Atzeret & Simchat-Torah-2022 – “Sh’mini Atzeret & Simchat Torah Messages” (Pastor Don Cole) 

10-15-2022“Grasping Righteousness” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Grasping Rightesouness — 10=15=2022

Sukkot – 2022  – “Sukkot message” (Elder Norman George)

10-08-2022“Works of Righteousness” (Pastor Don Cole)

Yom Kippur – “Yom Kippur Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

10-01-2022“Sukkot Remembrance” (Elder Norman George)

September bulletins

Yom Tru’ah – 2022 –  “Yom Tru’ah Message” (Elder Jim Robeson)

09-24-2022“The Torah – the Power of YHVH” (Pastor Don Cole)

09-17-2022 – “Preparing for YHVH’s Appointments” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Preparing for YHVHs Appointments

09-10-2022“Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

09-03-2022“Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

August bulletins

08-27-2022 -“Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

08-20-2022 – “Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

08-11-2022 – “Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

08-06-2022– “Justification, Sanctification, Salvation” (Elder Norman George)

July bulletins

07-30-2022“Shabbat Message” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-23-2022“Shabbat Message”  (Pastor Don Cole)

07-16-2022 – Torah anniversary 6th anniversary – “Are We Ready To Meet YHVH?” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-09-2022 – “Work Out Your Own Salvation” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-02-2022 – “Have We Received God’s Warning?” (Elder Jim Robeson)

June bulletins

06-25-2022“Choose You This Day” (Pastor Don Cole)

06-18-2022 – “Faith vs Works” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: How To Study Scripture – Faith vs Works

06-11-2022 – “Good Government” (Elder Norman George)

06-04-2022 – “Hag HaShavu’ot Message” (Elder Jim Robeson)

May bulletins

05-28-2022 – “How To Study Scripture – Romans 9” (Pastor Don Cole)  Message notes: How To Study Scripture – Romans 9

05-21-2022“What Are The Roots Of Calvinism?” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: What are the Roots of Calvinism

05-14-2022“Finding Our Identity in YHVH’s Word” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Finding Our Identity in YHVH’s Word

05-07-2022“Keeping Your Faith Through Troubled Times” (Elder Jim Robeson)


April bulletins – Passover

04-30-2022“The Attributes of Yeshua HaMashiach #2” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: The Attributes of Yeshua, part 2

04-22-2022  – “Hag HaMatzot, 7th day, Message”  (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Hag HaMatzot Message – the Attributes of Yeshua

04-17-2022 – “Yom HaBikurim Message” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: First Fruits

04-09-2022“Restoring YHVH’s Passover” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Restoring YHVH’s Passover & Preamble to YHVH’s Festivals – Lev 23 vs 2

04-02-2022“Obeying Torah” (Elder Norman George)

March bulletins

03-26-2022“YHVH’s Passover” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Restoring all of YHVH’s Word — Restoring Israel His Messiah & YHVH’s Passover & His Calendar

03-18-2022“A Night With The King … changes everything” — PURIM service

03-12-2022 “Give It To YHVH” (Pastor Don Cole)

03-05-2022“Recognizing God’s Institutions, part 2 – God’s Government” (Elder Jim Robeson)

February bulletins

02-26-2022“Know Yourself In Yeshua” (Pastor Don Cole)

02-19-2022“Israel & The Church: What Would Yeshua Do?” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Part 9– What Would Yeshua Do?

02-12-2022“Recognizing God’s Institutions” (Elder Jim Robeson)

02-05-2022“Strangers” (Elder Norman George)

January bulletins

01-29-2022“The Difference Between Israel & The Church, part 8 — YHVH’s Body”(Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Part 8– YHVH’s Body

01-22-2022 – “The Difference Between Israel & The Church (part 6,cont)– The New (Renewed) Covenant”  (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Part 7–The New (Renewed) Covenant)

01-15-2022  – “Restoring All of YHVH’s Word — Restoring Israel   & His Messiah” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Restoring all of YHVH’s Word — Restoring Israel & His Messiah

01-08-2022 – “The Difference Between Israel & The Church (part 6,cont) – The First Remnant Council of Jerusalem”  (Pastor Don Cole)  Message notes: Part 6 — The First Remnant Council of Jerusalem continued

01-01-2022 – “The Difference Between Israel & The Church (part 6) – The First Remnant Council of Jerusalem”  (Pastor Don Cole)  Message notes: Part 6 — The First Remnant Council of Jerusalem


2021 bulletins

December bulletins

12-25-2021 – “The Difference Between Israel & The Church (part 5) – YHVH & His Prophets in the Scriptures”  (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Part 5 — YHVH & His Prophets in the Scriptures

12-18-2021“The Difference Between Israel & The Church (part 4) – the elect remnant of Israel” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Part 4 — The Elect Remnant of Israel

12-11-2021 – “The Difference Between Israel & The Church (part 3) – the Mosaic Covenant” (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Part 3 — Mosaic Covenant

Hanukkah bulletin – 12-03-2021 – “Sukkot/Chanukah/Christmas/Thanksgiving” (Elder Norman George)

November bulletins

11-27-2021 – “The Difference Between Israel & the Church” part 2 (Pastor Don Cole) Message notes: Part 2 — Foundation of Israel in YHVH’s Torah

11-19-2021“The Difference Between Israel & the Church”, part 1 (Pastor Don Cole). Message notes: Part 1 — Sanctify Yourselves In The Truth

11-13-2021“Sanctify Them In The Truth” (Pastor Don Cole). Message notes: Part 1 — Sanctify Yourselves In The Truth

11-06-2021-“Born Free” (Elder Jim Robeson)

October bulletins

10-30-2021“To Defy A Tyrant Is To Obey YHVH” (Pastor Don Cole). Message notes: To Defy A Tyrant Is To Obey YHVH

10-23-2021“Open Rebuke is Better Than Secret Love, part 2″(Pastor Don Cole). Message notes: Open Rebuke is better than secret love, part 2

10-16-2021“Open Rebuke Is Better Than Secret Love” (Pastor Don Cole). Message notes: Open Rebuke is better than secret love, part 1

10-09-2021“Don’t Take The Bait” (Pastor Don Cole). Message notes: Don’t Take The Bait

10-02-2021“His Love” (Elder Norman George)

September bulletins

09-25-2021“Renewed … day by day” (Pastor Don Cole)

09-18-2021“How To Love” (Pastor Don Cole)

Yom Kippur – “Yom Kippur” (Pastor Don Cole)

09-11-2021 – “YHVH’S Festivals, part 2” (Pastor Don Cole)

Yom Tru’ah- “Yom Tru’ah” (Elder Jim Robeson)

09-04-2021“YHVH’s Festivals, part 1” (Pastor Don Cole)

August bulletins

08-28-2021“Who is the Church? – our identity” (Pastor Don Cole)

08-21-2021“Who is the Church? – remnant identity” (Pastor Don Cole) 

08-14-2021“Who is the Church? – an historic overview” (Pastor Don Cole)

08-07-2021“Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” (Elder Norman George)

July bulletins

07-31-2021 “Obedience is Better than Sacrifice” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-24-2021“The Power Of Forgiveness” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-17-2021“The Gospel Is Not The Same” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-10-2021“What Proceeds Out Of Your Mouth” (Pastor Don Cole)

07-03-2021 “Can You Sleep While The Wind Blows?” (Elder Jim Robeson)

June bulletins

06-26-2021“The Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice” (Pastor Don Cole)

06-18-2021“The Gift Of YHVH’s Word” (Pastor Don Cole) – 5th Anniversary Celebration of our Torah Scroll!

06-12-2021 “Sanctification Leads To Justification” (Pastor Don Cole)

06-05-2021 – “Greatest Force” (Elder Norman George)

May bulletins

05-29-2021“The Kingdom Of YHVH” (Pastor Don Cole)

05-22-2021“The Will of YHVH” (Pastor Don Cole)

05-16-2021“Rightly Dividing The Word” (Elder Jim Robeson)

05-15-2021 “To Know YHVH” (Pastor Don Cole)

05-08-2021 – “What’s Involved in Bible Translation” (Mary & Joe Benton, Wycliffe Bible Translators)

05-01-2021“Knowing YHVH” (Pastor Don Cole)

April bulletins

04-24-2021“Yeshua is LORD” (Pastor Don Cole)

04-17-2021“Dvar YHVH” (Elder Norman George)

04-09-2021–  “YHVH’s Festivals, Calendar, & Tithes” (Pastor Don Cole)

04-02-2021 – “The Message of Hag HaMatzot” (Pastor Don Cole)

March bulletins

03-29-2021 – “The Message of Yom HaBikurim” (Pastor Don Cole)

03-20-2021“Preparation for Passover” (Pastor Don Cole)

03-13-2021“These Are Not My Words” (Pastor Don Cole)

03-06-2021“Obedience Is Essential” (Pastor Don Cole)

February bulletins

02-20-2021“Christians Need Not Apply” (Elder Jim Robeson)

02-13-2021 “Does YHVH View Our Deeds As Filthy Rags?” (Pastor Don Cole)

02-06-2021“Stranger, Sojourners, Gentiles” (Elder Norman George)

January Bulletins

01-30-2021“The Holy & The Common (Acts 10)” (Pastor Don Cole)

01-23-2021“What Is Acts 10 About?” (Pastor Don Cole)

01-16-2021 – “Will Not The Judge Of All The Earth Do Right?” (Pastor Don Cole)

01-09-2021 – “Abrahamic Covenant Today” (Pastor Don Cole)

01-02-2021 – “Will Your Anchor Hold?” (Elder Jim Robeson)

2020 bulletins

December bulletins

12-26-2020 – “The Unconditional Abrahamic Covenant” (Pastor Don Cole)

12-19-2020 “The Abrahamic Covenant — our identity” (Pastor Don Cole)

12-11-2020 – “The Resolve of Hanukkah” (Pastor Don Cole)

12-05-2020“No Plan ‘B’!” (Elder Norman George)

November bulletins

11-28-2020“What about ‘Our Father Abraham’?” (Pastor Don Cole)

11-20-2020 “When Trouble Comes, Where Will You Seek Refuge?” (Elder Jim Robeson)

11-14-2020“Was Salvation the Same in the Old Testament as in the New Testament?” (Pastor Don Cole)

11-7-2020 – “Did The New Covenant Establish A New Religion?” (Pastor Don Cole)

October bulletins

10-31-2020Which Takes Preeminence: the Torah or the New Testament? (Pastor Don Cole)

10-24-2020Creation & the Flood (Elder Norman George)

10-17-2020 – What Makes Our Faith? (Pastor Don Cole)

Sh’mini Atzeret & Simchat-Torah (Pastor Don Cole & Gabbai Eric REterstorf)

Sukkot (Elder Norman George)

September bulletins

Yom Kippur (Pastor Don Cole)

09-26-2020 – “Ne’ilah: The Closing of Heaven’s Gates” (Pastor Don Cole)

Yom Teru’ah (Elder Jim Robeson)

09-12-2020 “Upon what are you building your sanctification?” (Pastor Don Cole)

09-05-2020 – “Without God, you have no plan” (Elder Jim Robeson)

August bulletins

08-29-2020 – “The Most Important Person” (Pastor Don Cole)

08-22-2020 – “Unless your righteousness exceeds …” (Pastor Don Cole)

08-15-2020 – You are to Distinguish between the Holy & the Common (Pastor Don Cole)

08-08-2020 Make Up Your Mind (Pastor Don Cole}

08-01-2020 – Wife of YHVH – Bride of Christ (Elder Norman George}

July bulletins

07-25-2020 – Is God in the declaration of Independence? (Pastor Don Cole)

07-18-2020 – Torah celebration 4th anniversary – The Torah, YHVH’s red-letter Bible (Pastor Don Cole)

07-11-2020 – The Founders Political Spectrum (Pastor Don Cole)

erev 4th of July – Choose Wisely (Elder Jim Robeson)

June bulletins

06-27-2020 –  The Mystery of Lawlessness (Pastor Don Cole)

06-20-2020 – Sapphire Skies (Elder Norman George)

06-13-2020 – What kind of sinners are we? (Pastor Don Cole)

06-06-2020 – Interpreting Salvation (Pastor Don Cole)

COVID quarantine between 03/20/2020-06/05/2020

March bulletins

03-20-2020 – Letter from Pastor Don Cole regarding coronavirus and CFS

03-14-2020 – The Meaning of the Cross (Pastor Don Cole)

03-09-2020 – PURIM – All the Time Straight (Pastor Don Cole)

03-07-2020– The Gravity of Eternity (Elder Jim Robeson)

February bulletins

02-29-2020He is Faithful and Righteous to Forgive our Sins (Pastor Don Cole)

02-22-2020 – If You Want to Enter Life … (Pastor Don Cole)

02-15-2020Live the Sanctified Life (Pastor Don Cole)

02-08-2020 – Justification and Sanctification (Pastor Don Cole)

02-01-2020 There Is No Plan B (Elder Norman George)

January bulletins

01-25-2020 – Nothing to Fear! (Elder Jim Robeson)

01-18-2020 – Distinguish between the Holy & the Common, part 2 (Pastor Don Cole)

01-11-2020 – Stop. Be Calm. Listen to Him (Elder Jim Robeson)

01-04-2020 – Distinguish between the Holy & the Common (Pastor Don Cole)

2019 bulletins


12-27-2019 – The Message of Hanukkah Lives (Pastor Don Cole)

12-21-2019 – Foundations of the Way, part 5 (Pastor Don Cole)

12-14-2019 – Foundations of the Way, part 4 (Pastor Don Cole)

12-07-2019 – Strangers, Foreigners, Aliens, Gentiles  (Elder Norman George)


11-30-2019 – The foundation of the Way, part 3  (Pastor Don Cole)

11-22-2019  – Wanting God for your Life (Elder Jim Robeson)

11-16-2019 – The foundation of the Way, part 2 (Pastor Don Cole)

11-09-2019 – The foundation of the Way (Pastor Don Cole)

11-02-2019 – The Joy of the LORD is my Strength (Pastor Don Cole)


10-26-2019 – The Words of YHVH  (Pastor Don Cole)

10-19-2019 – Sh’mini Atzeret (Pastor Don Cole)

10-12-2019 – Walking in the Festivals (Pastor Don Cole)

10-5-2019 – Yom HaKippurim, life & death (Pastor Don Cole)


09-28-2019 – YHVH’s Calendar, continued (Pastor Don Cole)

09-21-2019 – YHVH’s Calendar (Pastor Don Cole)

09-14-2019  – Israel Report (Jan Karnis, from Israel, & Pastor Don Cole)

09-07-2019  – I am the God of your father, Abraham (Pastor Don Cole)


08-31-2019  – Salvation began in the Torah, part 2 (Pastor Don Cole)

08-24-2019 – Salvation began in the Torah (Pastor Don Cole)

08-17-2019 – Messianic Bat Mitzvah (Denise Howell)

08-10-2019 There is only one Israel (Pastor Don Cole)

08-03-2019 – He knows! (Elder Jim Robeson)


07-27-2019So, If you think you are standing firm (Pastor Don Cole)

7-20-2019 – YHVH’s Torah & the Second Coming (Pastor Don Cole)

07-13-2019 The Meaning of the Death & Resurrection (Pastor Don Cole)

07-06-2019 – Proclaim Liberty (Elder Norman George)


06-29-2019 – The Basis of the Torah, part 3 (Pastor Don Cole)

06-22-2019 – The Basis of the Torah, part 2 (Pastor Don Cole)

06-15-2019 – The Basis of the Torah (Pastor Don Cole)

06-08-2019 – Torah & Shavu’ot Services

06-01-2019 – God-given Authority (Elder Jim Robeson)


05-25-2019 – The Two Sides of the Word of YHVH (Pastor Don Cole)

05-18-2019 – Reverencing the Word of YHVH (Pastor Don Cole)

05-11-2019 – The Torah in our Life (Pastor Don Cole)

05-04-2019 – The God Who Sees (Elder Norman George)


04-27-2019 – Passover & Easter Sunday, part 2 (Pastor Don Cole)

04-25-2019 – Passover & Easter Sunday, part 1 — Passover 7th Day (Pastor Don Cole)

04-13-2019  Passover Preparation (Pastor Don Cole)

4-6-2019The Eternal Passover (Pastor Don Cole) + Celebration of Life bulletin – Joan Ingram


03-30-2019 – Does God find us Worthy? (Elder Jim Robeson)

03-23-2019 – Justification & Sanctification, #4 (Pastor Don Cole)

03-16-2019Justification & Sanctification, #3 (Pastor Don Cole)

03-09-2019 – Justification & Sanctification, #2 (Pastor Don Cole)

03-02-2019 Egypt: Ransom of First Born (Elder Norman George)


02-23-2019 – Justification & Sanctification, #1 (Pastor Don Cole)