What Bible verse do we need?

Are you experiencing frustration or dismay? God gives us answers – the answers that change us. His Word is, as always, amazingly timely!

Though the world around us may be in turmoil, our LORD promises to give us His shalom! We need not fear, for His declares: “What I am leaving with you is shalom — I am giving you my shalom. I don’t give the way the world gives. Don’t let yourselves be upset or frightened.” John 14:27, CJB.

Did you know that 365* times in the Bible our LORD tells us not to be afraid!!! That’s as though He is telling us every day of the year that we are not to fear. Yes, His Word is more accurate and timely than anything we hear around us.

Challenge: Turn off the television; we need to quit listening to all of the negativity around us…. That’s enough to cause anyone to have anxiety. It is the enemy’s intent to rob us of His peace.  Instead of allowing ourselves to become stressed, let’s be proactive and look to THE ANSWER and rest in His true and everlasting shalom!  What should we do? As we hear pessimistic words, let’s pray against them and …

PRAY!and keep on praying!

PRAYER: “Hallelujah, YOU, O LORD, are The Answer. In Your Word, You tell us to fret not, but to look to You. We pray that our country will become unified. We curse and rebuke all forms of dissension. We ask that You silence the evil doers. That You, and You alone, will be glorified. Give our leaders health, wisdom, and resolve to follow Your ways. Bring Your everlasting peace to Israel, In Yeshua’s Name, we pray. Amen.”

*Below are some of the Biblical instances in which He tells us not to be afraid:

  • “fear not”: 170 times in KJV; 82 times in NIV
  • “not afraid”: 80 times in KJV; 106 times in NIV
  • “dismay/dismayed”: 59 times in KJV; 38 times in NIV
  • “not overcome”: 5 times in KJV; 7 times in NIV
  • “discouraged”: 6 times in KJV; 15 in NIV