What Our Intercessors Say

Being involved with the Call To Prayer gives us an opportunity to bear each other's burdens in prayer…and to watch how God answers!

I just want to share with you how thankful I am for the "Call to Prayer".  I have never been so faithful in my prayer life as I have been since you started this Call to Prayer.  It holds me accountable to God and also to the congregation and the people we are praying for. It is a way for each of us to lift one another up when we need it. But most importantly it is a time for prayer/conversation with the Lord.

I just want to thank you for all you do for THE CALL TO PRAYER. It is so powerful. It helps me so much. I love you.

The Call to Prayer helps me focus on one area each week; helps me to go God in prayer for our congregation, family, and friends, our country, Israel, and more. I appreciate your taking the time to produce these each week.

Just a quick note to let you know I am enjoying praying each evening, feeling closer to G-d as I review our list and converse with Him over each situation. Often other people and situations come to mind as I pray. Intercession and sharing our Lord with others are the joys in my life. Baruch Ha Shem!

Thank you, Les'a, for all you do with the Parasha schedule on the Calendar and the Call To Prayer.  Also, thank you for your prayers and for the faithful prayer warriors who are praying. Bless all of you.
Love you, Bev

I want to thank everyone for their prayers.
Art (Also, Thanks for the ongoing prayer.)

The Call To Prayer is powerful and exciting. It is healing in many ways for Joe and me. The prayer has been very supportive during a family's ordeal. God brought about many miracles during a loved one's illness.

What you shared on in The Call To Prayer about joy was helpful. Thanks!

How awesome is He whom we serve … Praise G-d for your gift, Les'a. He has truly gifted you. Thank You for the opportunity to be on this prayer team. Praise G-d!

Although the Lord listens to and heeds our individual prayers, the Call To Prayer provides an avenue for a concentrated effort by many.  We believe this communal devotion captures the Lord's attention more effectively.
Rhonda and Norman

ABC's…Action: getting into that secret place called spirit, to commune with God; reminding me I am more than circumstances, and building the strength in the heart of the battle. Belonging: it is such a blessing & privilege to be included to participate in the lives of others thru prayer. Connection: to my Lord and to the special people He has placed in my life.