Week 2 of our Walls of Jericho fast

By Les’a Cole

As Believers unite with the purpose of seeing walls of chaos, discouragement, spiritual blindness, and discord fall, we will see Him prevail and enable us to overcome!!! Even as the wall around Jericho fell, and the Berlin Wall came down, our sovereign Lord will bring down these walls thru prayer and fasting. Throughout the centuries, followers of YHVH have turned to Him in prayer and fasting. To mention a few: Moses, Elijah, Esther, Ezra, Job, David, Daniel, Peter, Paul even Yeshua…fasted. The Bible is filled with more than 70 references to fasting! Fasting can bring breakthroughs like nothing else. Why? As we humble ourselves before God, we eliminate the desires of the flesh and the things that can distract our focus from our YHVH.

There are many different types of fasts. We can eliminate a particular food, drink, or entertainment for a period of time. In place of eating or doing that thing that we enjoy – use that time to pray! Intercede for those around you; for our country; for our president, and those in leadership; for Israel.

Again, I believe the timing of this fast is significant; not only for ourselves but also for those around us. Last Sunday, we entered into the Hebrew month of Elul, the month which leads up to God’s fall festivals. Elul is traditionally a time to repent & to turn more to God, to press into the most High.

How was Week 1 of your Walls of Jericho fast? Yes, satan’s battles intensified … ‘but Greater is He Who is in us! Than he who would attempt to destroy us.’ (1John 4:4b). And we have also seen miracles!!! God is intervening in unexpected ways … during this fast, let’s keep our eyes open to see His hand move!

During Week 1, we began to see victories – but more are needed.

If you’ve not yet begun this fast … start today!!! There are 32 more days until Yom Kippur. Let’s all press in for His breakthroughs. (Each time that I’m tempted to eat “sugar” (or whatever), I pause and think: what do I want more: His breakthrough or this delicacy?!)

Believer beware: during these next 3 weeks, we will undoubtedly experience personal attacks. Why? Because the enemy knows that we’re moving forward in God to disrupt the enemy’s kingdom and his plan for ourselves personally, for our families, for our nation, for Israel.

Some things we must do during this fast:

  1. Recognize the havoc on us personally is an attack from the evil one. The enemy intends to dissuade us from our mission.
  2. Stay close to the Lord. Don’t allow satan to discourage and depress.
  3. Continue in our partial fast: It is a point of determination to see His victory. (And remember: 1Cor 10:13 which states that “No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you [us] to be tempted beyond what you [we] are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you [we] will be able to endure it.”
  4. On a natural level, don’t get overly tired (we are more susceptible to reacting to attacks from the enemy when we are overly tired).

And finally, remember that our Lord is moving and He is teaching us to be faithful to His precepts! Though the battles may be intense, He will bring about His victory.

Our love & prayers are with you!!!!! May we have eyes to see His victories. (Some may be tiny and others huge, but He is moving!)


“Ancient of Days, thank You for this season of Teshuva, of turning more intently to You. Help us to be strong and of good courage, as You told Joshua to be. Help us not to be faint-hearted to not fall short of the goal You have placed within each of our hearts. We agree for you to meet all the needs You’ve laid on our hearts. Touch our country and Israel with Your peace. We bless You, our amazing Father. B’shem, Yeshua.”

IMMEDIATE Prayer Requests:

  1. USA: Wisdom for our leadership, their health, and their direction. Prayer for their safety.
  2. Israel: peace and righteousness.
  3. Protection of the persecuted church.

Continuous Prayer:

  1. Pray for healing and direction of the US
  2. Pray for Israel!
  3. Protection of the persecuted church
  4. Prayer for our soldiers and all those in uniform: that they might be spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally whole!