The Season of Turning to God!

Prayer Focusweek 11 (Sunday-Shabbat)

“Season of Tshuvah” begins 40 days prior to Yom Kippur. This year it is from August 31 (the first day of Elul) thru Oct 9, Yom Kippur. During this time, we focus on repenting, or “turning [shuv] toward God.”
Prophecy: “Do hear My voice!”
“Please do take to heart what Lance Lambert has prophesied, as he is one of the most articulate and knowledgeable voices for our perilous times,” Merv & Merla Watson, Christian Zionists & world-renowned musicians who have lived in Israel for over 30 years.
 “Lance Lambert was a personal friend of mine while I was living in Jerusalem. He is a Bible scholar and teacher who can be trusted. Please pray for us in America, known as that SuperPower western nation,” Alexandria Rentz, strong support and intercessor for Israel.
“The Lord gave our brother Lance Lambert a word of warning to the church that we do well to heed! This is a call to stand in the gap, in intercession. Please feel free to distribute this prophecy to those who will take seriously the Word the Lord has given,” Nathan Gosling (on behalf of Lance Lambert).
“It is well with you that you intercede for Israel that she be saved, for it is My purpose to save her. I will complete the circle of Redemption that began with Abraham and my promise that a great nation would come forth from him, and that in him would all the families of the earth be blessed. And so it has happened! For Israel became the vehicle through which My Word has come to all the nations; And also My Salvation; and the knowledge of My Purpose. From this nation, above all, came the Messiah. Soon the fullness of the Gentiles will have been saved, and I will turn again to Israel, to My Jewish People. They shall be re-ingrafted into their own olive tree, and My promise to Abraham will be gloriously fulfilled. Then their hardness of heart will melt, their blindness be turned into sight, and their suffering to radiant Glory. This is My determined purpose, and I shall not be turned from it. It will shortly begin to be fulfilled. I will turn all their weakness into unbelievable power, and I will use this nation as the last witness to the world as to who I am.
Take very seriously what is taking place in the Arab world. It is no good for Israel! It is not a move toward freedom and true democracy, but an enormous gain for militant Islam. They will seek to annihilate and liquidate Israel, but they will not only fail; their strength and power will be broken, and a huge harvest of souls will be saved from amongst them.
Hear Me, I call you to intercession! It will not be easy. All the powers of My enemy are centred and focused on stopping this people from coming into My Redemption and Salvation. But he will fail! I look therefore for those who will stand in the gap, who will build up the wall; those who will stand in the place of intercession.
Shortly also I will begin more serious judgment on the Western nations. I will bring them to nothing; I will turn them upside down; I will grind them to powder. They will not know what has hit them. It will seem as if there is nothing left of what once I worked in those nations; Especially that Superpower. I will bring it to weakness; she will no longer be super, but a pity of the nations.
Hear this Word of Mine; I call you to intercede for those who belong to Me in those nations; that they will be saved from it! Hear this cry. My heart yearns for those who belong to Me, that they might be clear in their understanding, clear in the way that they are to walk in the midst of all this. Do hear Me! For I speak to you who love Me, and who have this morning remembered Me; I do not desire judgment, but judgment of the most serious and devastating kind will fall upon those nations. Hear this Word from Me, and obey My call to intercession!”
Lance Lambert 4/17/2011- Jerusalem
o   “Father, YHWH, the Almighty, the One Who saves. We stand in awe of YOU! We pray that as we embark upon these days of Tshuvah that You will show us the areas of our lives that are unpleasing to You. Help us to turn from our ways and walk more upright before You, so that You will not only heal us but You will also heal our land. We pray for protection for Anna, the IDF, the American soldiers. Heal Elijah, give him a touch of Your love. Bring these children who are straying back to You. Heal those who are ill. Draw us to You in a way we have never before know. We love You, our most Hold God. In Your Name, we pray.”