Is G-d there? (Purim)

Did you know that Esther is the only book in the Bible that doesn’t even one time mention the name of G-d? Interesting isn’t it that this book would be canonized as part of the Bible and yet does not mention the Name of the Most Holy One?

Even though G-d’s Name isn’t mentioned, it does not mean that He was not involved.

There’s a wonderful parallel between the life of Queen Esther and our lives today. Many, seemingly, tragic or difficult events had tremendous impact on history.

Esther’s parents died; she was raised by her relative. Queen Vashti displeased her husband, King Xerxes (also spelled Achashverosh, or Ahaseurus). The king had a ‘beauty contest’ to select a new queen – a young Jewish maiden named Esther was selected. A plot was discovered. Because of generations of anti-Semitism, one of the king’s high-ranking officials intended to kill Mordechai and all Jews.

Each of these events seem tragic.

Do the events we see swirling around us today seem tragic, or difficult? Do we wonder where is G-d?

Let us jump back to Queen Esther. After 3 days of prayer and fasting, Esther boldly approached her king and revealed Haman’s plot of hanging all where is godJews, including Mordechai and Queen Esther. Earlier the king’s life had been spared by Mordechai. The idea of murdering Mordechai and his queen infuriated the king… the very gallows that Haman had constructed to hang Mordechai were used to hang Haman and his sons. End result – the Jews were saved…. AND there were Jews to immigrate from Persia back to Israel and ultimately birth our Messiah!!!

Back to us, today. Just because we don’t overtly see G-d’s hand does not mean He is not orchestrating events for His glory and our ultimate good.

When we walk through those heavy times, let us not look at the circumstances but to our Messiah. “For we walk by faith, not by sight,” 2Cor 5:7NKJ. “For our heart shall rejoice in Him, Because we have trusted in His holy name,” Ps 33:21 NKJ.

Though G-d was not mentioned in the book of Esther, the fingerprint of His numerous interventions are obvious to the reader. So, it will be with our lives. Our responsibility is to seek the Lord with prayer and fasting and to boldly follow His leading, as Esther did. And then, in the end, we will see His handiwork and how He intervened.


“L-rd, we love Your constant intervention in our affairs. Thank YOU! Help us to be modern-day Queen Esthers – to fast and pray and seek Your face. Protect Israel. We pray for Your ways to become obvious to all. Turn our country to You – help us to again be that light on the hill. Bring Your peace to Israel. We pray for godly leadership. Bring healing to those who are under attack – thank You for Your divine involvement. In the holy Name of our Messiah, Yeshua, Amen.”

IMMEDIATE Prayer Requests:  

  1. Pray for Israel!
  2. Protection of the persecuted church.
  3. Pray for the emotional turmoil of many around us.