God’s Protection!!!

Prayer Focus week 25 (Sunday-Shabbat)

Last week we saw mighty miracles which the Lord wrought!!! The 6-month old baby received a heart transplant; Lori’s surgery went as planned — the tumor was benign! Paul’s procedures were successful.

God’s intervention/protection is something we all need everyday – not just our soldiers on the battlefield, or when we are critically ill, but each of us needs His protection every day! We hear of freak accidents, resulting in people’s lives being forever changed. Thank God, HE has provided the answer.

Verse to memorize:  (We challenge each person to memorize Psalm 91 over the next month. This week, we will learn verses 1-2.)

o   “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust,” Psalm 91:1-2.


“Precious Father. You have shown Your awesome healing touch this last week in so many areas. Thank You! Teach us how to hide in Your refuge and for us to make our fortress in You. We pray You continue healing Lori; be with Debbie and Matt. We ask for Your continuous healing touch on Bonnie, Yolanda, & Jeannette; Your protection and guidance for Natan, Kyle, and our soldiers, be with their wives and families during their deployments; give jobs and favor to those who are in the workplace; Your comfort for Frank and Karen. Bring Your peace to Jerusalem. In Your Powerful Name, we pray.”


o    Lori’s surgery went as planned – the tumor was benign. And she is getting stronger by the day!

o    The Lord took Judy home Thursday morning. She and Frank definitely raised the standard for all to see the action of true, devoted, and committed love. – please continue to pray for Frank as he transitions into life without the love of his life.

o    Paul’s procedures were successful.

o    The baby received a new heart. Transplant was successful!!!

o    Yvonne’s brother has completed 38 days of sobriety!

o    Deb’s brother: the IRS removed the lien from his salary and reduced payments to $6/week! School is still deliberating whether to continue extending financial aid so he can complete his degree.

o    Bonnie is able to return to work, part-time.

o    Family relationships are strengthening. Countless reports of wonderful beginnings of healings in interfamily relationships!!!! One testimony after another!! Hallelujah!

o    Yolanda continues healing from the serious accident. (A car hit her as she was walking across a very busy intersection -– pray she will regain complete use of her right leg and right arm.)

o    Soldiers in Afghanistan are on intense missions. God is protecting our soldiers.

o    Everyday Phyllis is doing better after her knee replacement – and continues to have an amazing attitude! She is off of pain medication!

o    Rhonda: healing in her foot is going very well – final follow-up from surgery is this week.

o    Deb’s brother: able to continue with classes until decision is made – and semester is almost over!!

Requests: (please email updates on these situations)… we blessed to be allowed to intercede for these!

o    Rudy (Les’a’s friend): cracked skull resulting in major mental complications

o    God to continue strengthening and building family relationships!

o    Jeannette (Maxine’s & Les’a’s friend): healing from eye surgery.

o    Gilad Shalit (the Israeli soldier who was kidnapped for over five years): pray for his emotional healing. It is an awesome thing that Israel did in trading 1000 convicted terrorists for ONE soldier – but imagine being the one and how you would feel knowing all of these were released into your country!

o    God will protectour soldiers – that He will give them wisdom.

o    Natan and family (Les’a and Don’s son and his family): deployed 12 days ago. He has requested prayer support that God will protect them on these very dangerous missions (also that he will be able to have an R&R during this deployment.).

o    The hearts of Americanswill turn to God!

o    John: continued health and financial challenges.

o    Norman: job interview this week – with possibility of working at home!

o    Baby Mackenzie (her mother is Bonnie’s great niece’s friend): born about a month ago and has already had heart surgery and infections from her lines. Normally open-heart is not done until babies are older; in this instance, they couldn’t wait. Her parents knew prior to her birth that she would have these huge life-long medical challenges and were offered abortion as an alternative. They chose life – hallelujah! Please pray for her and her family!

o    As we areenter the Thanksgiving season, pray that family issues will be healed and that they will be able to enjoy one another.

o    Marita: where she is to live.

o    Families(all of our families): to be whole and walk in the ways of the Lord!

o    Kyle: serving in Afghanistan. Pray that he will be protected, and that he will fully yield his heart to the Lord.

o    Grandson: pray that his mom and her boyfriend treat him with love.

o    Brother and daughter: recurrence of drug addiction – he has been sober for 38 days!

o    Friend: heart attack – salvation and healing.

o    Marriages to be healed.

o    Jon: That God intervenes and places him where he will be encouraged to make good decisions which will impact his family for good, for Your good. (His court date has been delayed to Jan 4)

o    God’s protection over Israel

o    David: return to the God of his youth — that his family will be encouraged.

o    Healing of family relationships.

o    Ruthie: heavy spiritual attack; that she is encouraged and resists.

o    Debbie: heart surgery + complications: she has been in and out of the hospital several times. She needs our continued prayer.

o    Intercessors for The Call To Prayer: wisdom and tenacity to continue on to see victory!

o    Peggy (Pamela’s friend) “I have an urgent prayer request for my mobile home. The short of it is that there was quite a bit of fraud in the sale of my home, and the purchasing of my little mobile home. I have worked on this issue for three years, trying to beat the clock. I have not been able to find the right attorney. Now, the D.A. is deciding if this is a civil case, or bad enough to be a criminal case. Meanwhile, it is the start of the rainy season here. My roof was to have been new, but is 33 years old and leaking. The termite inspection was never done, and there is blackish mold behind my walls, and much wood rot everywhere. The walls fill with water and are spongy… and on, and on….”

o    Aunt(Paul & Lynn’s aunt): leukemia. Prayer for assurance of salvation and understanding His forgiveness.

o    God’spower, anointing, and favor on pastors.

o    Dawn: continued prayer for total healing of her knee.

o    Sheri: migraines would permanently leave.

o    Peace of Jerusalem!

o    Healing and preparation for surgery to go smoothly.

o    PJ: back will to return to normal without surgery. Paperwork issues will be resolved ++ JOB!

o    K: kidney and urinary infections. On antibiotics and still feeling very ill.

o    Pima County Sheriff’s department.

o    Those who need jobs will get jobs — God-chosen jobs.

o    Deb: migraines and onslaught of the enemy.

o   Request healing of marriage/family breach.

o   Health & wholeness of new grandbaby.

o   Grandson: favor, protection & a heart like King David.

o    Favor & wisdomin the work force: We would be excellent in the work place – even as Joseph, Daniel, etc. were – blessings to the companies because we are there!

o    Matt (Maxine and Joe): prayer: much pain and in hospice. Pray for wife and their children.

o    Bob: special prayer for physical healing.

o    God will healour land

o    Three sisters to meet godly men.

o    Children will stop runningand will turn to God.

o    Lori: surgery on Monday

o    Corbin (Jim’s acquaintance): God will open his eyes to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior and that he will accept the word of God.

o    God will supplythe needs of those in ministry.

o    A’s daughter in law: her heart would be drawn to her husband; that the Lord would place believers in her path.

o    A’s relationship with his daughter: healing and mending of hearts.    

o    A’s Medicare situation to be straightened out – to his financial benefit. And for doctors to find the right solution to his health issues.

o    T (Les’a & Don’s friend & a man of God): the Lord would bring him the perfect helpmate – to share his life and to be a partner in ministry.