God bless the USA!

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD… The king is not saved by his great army; a warrior is not delivered by his great strength. … Behold, the eye of the LORDis on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love,” Ps 33:12a,16,18, ESV.

Throughout the life of our country, we have seen struggles – financial, social, political, military. Today, the struggles are escalated because their root is spiritual. The LORDpromises in 2 Chron 7:14 that if we, as His followers, will turn from our wicked ways – humble ourselves & seek His face, HE will heal our land. Isn’t that wonderful news – the burden is on those of us who are called by His Name! It’s not on the unbelievers, but on us, who desire to walk upright before Him. Let’s commit to following Him more intently and to pray for the country He has given us – that HE might heal our land!

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land,” 2Chron 7:14, ESV

I encourage you to watch and think about the new videos on this website God Bless America (Walking the Walk videos) and Declaration of Independence (In their Own Words videos).

We have so much for which to be thankful! God has indeed blessed us abundantly with the amazing USA!!!

Listen to what our LORD did last year through prayer!!

1.      He has miraculously saved lives physically and spiritually.

2.      He has healed many from surgeries and sicknesses.

3.      He intervened and a 7-week premature baby was born healthy and continues to thrive a year later.

4.      He is mending many, manyfamily relationships.

5.      He opened doors where there were none.

6.      He has provided many with employment.

7.      He has touched finances.

8.      He has protected our soldier.

9.      He has taught us to be consistent and persevering in prayer.


What He is doing this year!

1.      Bonnie: mechanical miracle with medical device – huge blessing!

2.      God again spared Natan and others from insidious attacks by the enemy – an explosion was only 40 meters away. (As Natan put it, had it been closer it would have been a ‘bad day’!)

3.      Quinton (Art’s grandson): born Thursday – healthy!

4.      Family reunions are happening – let us pray that they will all be joyous!! To date, good reports from reunions!!

5.      Lori (Norman G’s daughter): approval at new job. Please pray for housing.

6.      Pamela and Norman have work – hallelujah! Let us pray they have divine appointments.

7.      (Dawn) Court ruled earthly justice. Pray for emotional and spiritual healing for all.

8.      Bonnie: family visit was excellent

9.      Don: trip for his mom’s 90th bday was terrific!

10.  Les’a: unexpected financial blessing (had been informed that a vaccine would cost $219. In the intervening 4 months, the insurance company – and the vaccine was covered 100%!!) TYL! – let us continue to pray we will all be debt-free, except for mortgages, by the end of 2012.

11.  Lynn Mann: continued healing from foot surgery.

Prayer: we blessed to be allowed to intercede for the needs. Some answers come within a few days, others may take weeks or months. Regardless of what we see with our natural eyes, HE is working. We need to continue to be faithful inintercession!

“Precious, most Holy God! You have blessed us with this wonderful nation – the land of freedom and opportunity. Thank You for the founders who based our country on Your principles. We ask that You forgive each of us of our sins – of our stiffed-neck ways. Help us to turn from those attitudes and actions that are displeasing to You. Heal our Land. Bless those who are in office. Help each of our politicians to turn to You for wisdom. Heal the hurting hearts of Americans, of our intercessors, of their families. Protect our soldiers – bring Natan and his group home soon: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally whole and stronger than when they left. Bless their families. Bring Your peace to Jerusalem. We bless You our mighty King. In Your most holy Name, we pray.”

As we think about next year, are we willing to continue your commitment to praying 15 minutes a dayfor a year? (Please email me what time you’d like to pray – also, what’s your biggest desire for God to answer?? Email me your prayer request – we’ll start fresh.)

Requests: (please email updates on these situations)… we blessed to be allowed to intercede for these! Some answers to prayer come within a few days, others may take weeks or months. Regardless of what we see with our natural eyes, HE is working. We need to continue to be faithful in our intercession!Reminder: Don’t forget to email answers – even baby steps are answers!

·             Newborn Maxwell (parents missionaries to Poland): fighting for his life since last Thursday. RSV (respiratory virus) & a bacterial infection ravaged his body. Pray for total healing and for a powerful testimony to the many Poles to whom they minister.

·             Cecelia (Yvonne’s 12-year old niece): in 2 weeks her body went from 4% to 70% cancer! Doctors have said last round of chemo is all they can do – but not our Lord!

·             Jim & Bobbie (Les’a): his side was crushed by falling load from a fork lift. Please pray for total healing & they can quickly find a place to move into.

·             Matthew (Frank): in rehab. Pray for deliverance and new friends.

·             Pamela & Norman: finances. That we ALL will be debt-free by 12/31/2012!

·             Debbie & Dennis (& us all!!): God will lead and guide our footsteps and use us to minister to others.

·             Another family reunion: joyous time of togetherness

·             Group in Yellowstone: prayer to break strongholds over the area.

·             Prayer for our soldiers: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally whole!

·             Joe, Jim, John, Maxine: healing head-to-toe

·             New jobs: favor and wisdom

·             Mace Bravin: election for Pima County School Superintendent. That righteous men & women will be elected.

·             Cynthia: lawsuit against her parents and their food bank ministry. Pray suit will be dropped & healing will result.

·             Isabel Mercedes Celis (6-year old Tucson girl who was abducted April 21): pray for safety and return to her family.

Families (all of our families):

  • To be whole and walk in the ways of the Lord!
  • God to continue strengthening and building family relationships!
  • Josiah D: favor, protection & a heart like King David.
  • God would bring godly helpmates and partners in ministry: T (Les’a & Don’s friend & a man of God), Cynthia, etc.


  • Marita (in Israel): hospitalized with kidney stones – prayer for total healing. She has much to do for the Kingdom!
  • Hawkins (soldier friend of Natan’s who was hurt in explosion): he was air lifted to the US. Pray for healing, physical and emotional, for all him and all the soldiers.
  • Jeff & Paul (Paul & Lynn Mann): healing from knee surgeries
  • Krys (Les’a’s co-worker’s husband): serious problems caused by Parkinson's
  • Sylvia (Jeannette’s cousin): cancer
  • Susie (Bonnie): from previous cervical fusion, one of the screws started migrating and was pushing at her esophagus threatening a puncture. Had surgery Thursday. Prayer for recovery and acceptance of Jesus.
  • Bud (Tracy’s father): 2 tumors, and another one that is pre-cancerous.
  • Bonnie: healing with oxygen levels
  • Christopher & Liz (Maxine): she has ovarian cancer, resulting in financial problems. Pray for encouragement
  • Bob & Pat (Maxine & Joe): healing
  • Jeanne (Bonnie’s friend): stage 4 ovarian cancer. Salvation and healing with the understanding it was God Who healed her.
  • Rudy (Les’a’s friend): cracked skull resulting in major mental complications.

Call to Prayer intercessors:

  • Debt-free by the end of 2012!
  • Intercessors for The Call To Prayer: wisdom and tenacity to continue on to see victory!


  • Favor & wisdom in the work force: We would be excellent in the work place – even as Joseph, Daniel, etc. were – blessings to the companies because we are there!
  • Betty, Deb, Lori, and all those who not listed
  • Lori (Norman G): job interview
  • That God will give them fulfilling and rewarding employment where they will have great favor!

Relationship with our Lord:

  • 5 grandchildren (Debbie & Dennis): to know the salvation and love of Yeshua.
  • Crystal Barton (Paul & Lynn Mann): in hospice – prayer for salvation decision. And strength for husband.
  • David (Bev & Ruben): his mom’s request “he quickly come to the end of himself and look up. Protection for him and all of his family.” Warfare is intense.
  • Keith (Dawn’s grandson): come to the God of his parents and grandmother


  • The hearts of Americans: turn to God! Our land will be healed.
  • Peace of Jerusalem!


  • Natan (Les’a and Don’s son and his family) & our soldiers:
  • Pray for wisdom, accuracy, and knowledge. God will bring them home whole: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. And God will be with their families.


  • God’s wisdom, power, anointing, and favor.



·         Spiritual growth and passion for the Lord in the congregation

·         Changed lives in congregation.

·         Faithfulness of Call To Prayer intercessors who readily pray for needs

·         Son safe in Afghanistan

·         Financial miracles within the family

·         Mothers’ health

·         Daughters came for Passover

·         Les’a: successful surgery

·         Don: rapid healing from shingles


·         After three years, God opened the way for return to Jerusalem and ministry – a dooropened suddenly! ‘I am still amazed that I am back in Jerusalem. Thank you all for praying for me as God does answer prayers according to His will and purposes.’


·         Daughter off drugs, approved for Soc. Sec. Disability, able to move to nicer place.

·         Son attending church, reading Bible, going to AA, getting schooling.

·         I have many health issues yet YHVH is always there helping me get through them

·         Brother with colorectal cancer has maintained positive attitude through chemo and radiation and also while facing getting colostomy

·         ‘I could go on and on because every day YHVH answers prayers.’


·         Granddaughter was born 6/6/2012. 8# 2oz 19.5 in

·         Growing relationships with my adult children.

·         G-d inspired and directed spiritual leadership.

·         Special friends and new friendships.

·         Reconnected with siblings over care for our mother.

·         Personal affairs & finances are greatly improved.

·         My business has taken a definite direction.

·         My job gets better every day.

·         G-d is awesome.


·         Relationships restored.

·         Kidney function increased

·         More intimately in touch with God.


·         Answer to prayer for leg improvement.

·         Answer to prayer for excellent home.


·         Found doctor to resolve medical issues.

·         Able to again work 40 hours.

·         Brother came to the Lord and was baptized!

·         Other brother’s family reconciled after 13 years estrangement.

·         His life extended 5 months so reconciliation could happen.

·         God provided monetarily for that brother’s widow.

·         4-year old great niece’s successful surgery for straightening her legs.


·         Rhonda’s healing is progressing well.

·         She is employed & acclimating to working.

·         Nicole did not have a stroke, but Bell’s Palsy, with some residual facial paralysis (which we continue to pray will be totally healed).


·         Relationships improving.

·         Car is running pretty well.

·         Out of apartment & living with son!

·         I'm still working and praying for opportunities to reach people with the Gospel.


·         Discovery that treatment was incorrect.

·         Desire to return to normal life – which I am beginning to!

·         There are so many answers!


·         Restored family relationship.

·         Unspoken request.

·         Successful surgeries.


·         Restored family relationship.

·         Positive report from doctor (re her eyes).

·         Is able to drive again (in the daytime).


·         When Judy passed, she spoke strong faith into Frank.

·         Though Frank tremendously misses Judy, he is beginning to move forward.


·         Asked God to help me with find a job. He did, and I love the job He gave me.

·         Asked for prayer for my shoulder. I am almost perfect.

·         Asked for prayer for my Aunt Joy (87 yrs old) for her emergency gallbladder surgery.  She has recovered nicely.


·         Ruben: psa came down from 19 to 11.

·         Family relationship totally changed because I humbled myself to share with her my deepest feelings about myself. 

·         Bev: employment.

·         Helping me grow into a more mature Christian.


·         He is teaching the importance of prayer with others.

·         A lot of new challenges have come to make us more diligent. He is a constant presence. We will prevail through Him and Him Alone.  Praise You, JesusSmiley emoticon


·         A healthy baby, who is now 1 year old.

·         PJ favor with his job.

·         Good friends.

·         G-D has brought me to a closer relationship with HIM!

·         He has made me an Intercessor. 

·         I thank G-D for ALL the blessings HE has given our family, ALL the blessings HE continues to give us, and ALL the blessings we have yet to receive!!!!!

Since our LORD did all this during our 1st year of prayer, imagine what He will do in this 2nd year!!