A More Elite Soldier

I just finished reading US Army Ranger Chuck Holton’s A More Elite Soldier, an excellent book I highly recommend. He succinctly sums our special operations prayer missions:

Remember, the elite soldier is a competent, well-trained, well-equipped warrior. While he may not always be privy to the big picture, he understands his portion of the mission and performs it with perseverance and skill, trusting in the knowledge and ability of his commanders. When not engaged in combat, he is always training for the next battle.

“Being an elite soldier isn’t all guns and glory. It is a life of purpose-filled privation, meaningful misery, and postponed payment. It is never easy but always worth it. Pursuing God’s purpose is, by definition, the hard road – a path that few will be willing to follow.

“The real question is: Are you willing to be an elite soldier?? (more info)

“Are you ready to allow your Commander to make you more than you were, more than you are, and more than you ever could be without His help? … Don’t be afraid. Join the battle!

“The time is short, and the mission cannot wait.”

QUESTION: Are we willing to answer to His calling of being an elite soldier?