Will YOU pray for America?

Our country needs us — each of our prayers — like never before.

“We are facing forces that are unabashedly declaring their intention to destroy this nation by disregarding the moral and biblical framework of the founders’ convictions. Unless we become involved and vigilant in prayer, we risk the loss of our freedoms,” Michael Youssef, PhD, Coptic Orthodox Christian who immigrated to the US from Egypt.

Believers in America and all over the world are praying for America. Our countryis in desperate need of healing. Sin is rampant within our land. Our citizens have turned from the Almighty. We have broken each of the 10 Commandments. But our Lord has promised that if WE, His followers, will turn from OUR wicked ways, He will heal our land! That is not just good news – it is great news!

Join thousands of American Christians and Christians around the world who are praying for our country. To aid your prayer time, we will be regularly posting 5-minute prayer video on our website.

Prayer Points

  • Thank God for this great nation that He has given us. Name specifically what you are thankful in regards to America.
  • Praise God using His many Names revealed in Scripture! Thank Him for His holy character, His loving-kindness, and mercy!
  • Thank God throughout the day for your personal blessings in your life.
  • Pray to the Lord with a song! Sing a song or hymn of praise to our King today!

Tips and Suggestions on How to Pray

  • Watch the video and pray with him/her at the end.
  • Pray throughout the day about today's prayer topic.
  • Pray together! Gather friends, coworkers, neighbors,and family to pray over prayer topics. Bedtime is always a good time for families to quiet hearts before God's throne in prayer and supplication. If you are single, call a friend in the evening to intercede together.
  • If you feel led, pray about fasting during the next 40 days on behalf of our nation.