What Our Readers Say

This magazine made me finally realize the big picture of God's plans…armed with the information in these articles I now have the knowledge I need to “pray” so I can make a difference. Y.E. (Arizona)

As a soldier who has had two combat deployments in the Middle East, I believe these issues are extremely important. N.C. (U.S. Army)

If My People … pray & act magazine has profound insights spiritually. I have learned a lot. M.B. (Arizona)

As one who has been fighting for years against the onslaught of cultural liberalism and biblical illiteracy, I am refreshed to see If My People magazine. I have been a subscriber to World Magazine for many years; If My People is even more poignant and courageous. If My People is sure to stir the hearts of God's people and will be a light to the Church and this hurting culture. May God bless your work and vision. D.B. (New Hampshire)

Content unlike any other magazine. J.C. (Michigan)

For several years both my church and my Sunday School class have been studying our Jewish roots. Your very interesting periodical has augmented our studies with more understanding of "current" Israel. Ergo, we are acquiring a more complete picture of the Holy Land. Thank you for publishing such an excellent journal! J.L. (Oklahoma)

If My People magazine should be required reading in our public schools. Not only does it bring forth what the Founding Fathers of this country wanted, but it also exposes the corruption that they knew could happen if our country fell into the hands of evil men and women who refused to honor God. J.E. (California)

I want to tell you how much If My People has meant to me. It is a light on the hill because it points out "progressive" political issues. This publication sharpens our ability to recognize erosion as it creeps in. It encourages us to take appropriate action. I am now challenged to make a difference in our culture and not to retreat into my own comfort zone. KH (Arizona)