Father’s Day is a time when we honor our fathers, our elders, those who have a few more grey hairs than we. Probably no one’s father, nor we ourselves, were perfect parents. As someone wisely said, ‘we each worked with the best tools we had at that time.’ Regardless of what their parenthood score would be, our lives today are greatly impacted because of who they were. Those parents/elders who were flawed gave us the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and to do better. Those who were godly gave us examples of how to conduct our lives and hopefully do as well as they did. Despite their conduct, or lack there of, God says we are to honor them.

Romans 12:10b instructs we are to: “Honor one another above yourselves.” To honor is more than giving someone special recognition, respect, compliments etc. It means “to value.” In 1 Corinthians 7:23a it says, “You were bought at a price” the word translated price is the same Greek word translated honor. Its root word is usually translated precious, of greater worth or dearTo honor one another is to treat each person as valuable, costly, precious.

Many of our fathers or elders are aging. How do we treat them? Do we honor them? The touching video link below depicts how many of us are — too busy — too stressed — too involved with our own agendas to have time for the older generation. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO

Ponder: do we take our fathers or elders for granted? How can we show we value them as precious?

Listen to what our Lord has donein the last year!!

1.      He has miraculously saved lives physically and spiritually.

2.      He has healed many from surgeries and sicknesses.

3.      He intervened: a 7-week premature baby was born healthy and continues to thrive a year later.

4.      He is mending many, many family relationships.

5.      He has provided many with employment.

6.      He has touched finances.

7.      He has protected our soldier.

8.      He has taught us to be consistent and persevering in prayer.


What He did this week!

1.      Bonnie: family visit was excellent

2.      Don’s trip was terrific!

3.      Les’a: unexpected financial blessing (had been informed that a vaccine would cost $219. In the intervening 4 months, the vaccine was covered 100%!!) TYL! – let us continue to pray we will all be debt-free, except for mortgages, by the end of 2012.

4.      Lynn Mann: continued healing from foot surgery.

Prayer:we blessed to be allowed to intercede for the needs. Some answers come within a few days, others may take weeks or months. Regardless of what we see with our natural eyes, HE is working. We need to continue to be faithful inintercession!

“Thank You, precious Father for having placed godly men in our lives. We pray Your blessings on these men. We ask that You help us to forgive those men who didn’t know how to be fathers. Bless them and draw them to You. Thank You for Your amazing healing of family-relationships. We continue to be in awe at ALL the prayers You answered in the last year. Thank You for allowing us to partner with You. We pray Your continued healing on physicial bodies, spirits, relationship, finances. Turn the hearts of Americans to You. We pray that Natan and those serving with him will return home quickly and that You will heal their bodies and minds – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically – that they will be stronger than when they deployed. That their families will be strong & “keep the home fire burning!” In Your precious Name, we pray.”

As we think about next year, are we willing to continue your commitment to praying 15 minutes a dayfor a year? (Please email me what time you’d like to pray – also, what’s your biggest desire for God to answer?? Email me your prayer request – we’ll start fresh.)

Requests: (please email updates on these situations)… we blessed to be allowed to intercede for these!Some answers to prayer come within a few days, others may take weeks or months. Regardless of what we see with our natural eyes, HE is working. We need to continue to be faithful in our intercession!Reminder: Don’t forget to email answers – even baby steps are answers!

·         Joe: healing head-to-toe

·         Mace Bravin: election for Pima County School Superintendent. That righteous men and women will be elected to office in Nov.

·         Cynthia: lawsuit against her parents and their food bank ministry. Pray that suit wlil be dropped and that healing will result.

·         Isabel Mercedes Celis (6-year old Tucson girl who was abducted April 21): pray for safety and return to her family.

·         Families (all of our families):

  1. To be whole and walk in the ways of the Lord!
  2. God to continue strengthening and building family relationships!
  3. Josiah D.: favor, protection & a heart like King David.
  4. God would bring godly helpmates and partners in ministry: T (Les’a & Don’s friend & a man of God), Cynthia, etc.

·         Healing:

  1. Jeff & Paul (Paul & Lynn Mann): healing from knee surgeries
  2. Krys (Les’a’s co-worker’s husband): serious problems caused by Parkinsons
  3. Sylvia (Jeannette’s cousin): cancer
  4. Susie (Bonnie): from previous cervical fusion, one of the screws started migrating and was pushing at her esophagus threatening a puncture. Had surgery Thursday. Prayer for recovery and acceptance of Jesus.
  5. Bud (Tracy’s father): 2 tumors, and another one that is pre-cancerous.
  6. Bonnie: healing with oxygen levels
  7. Christopher & Liz (Maxine): she has ovarian cancer, resulting in financial problems. Pray for encouragement
  8. Bob & Pat (Maxine & Joe): healing
  9. Jeanne (Bonnie’s friend): stage 4 ovarian cancer. Salvation and healing with the understanding it was God Who healed her.
  10. John: continued health and financial challenges.
  11. Rudy (Les’a’s friend): cracked skull resulting in major mental complications.

·         Call to Prayer intercessors:

  1. Debt-free by the end of 2012!
  2. Intercessors for The Call To Prayer: wisdom and tenacity to continue on to see victory!

·         Employment:

  1. Favor & wisdomin the work force: We would be excellent in the work place – even as Joseph, Daniel, etc. were – blessings to the companies because we are there!
  2. Norman, Betty, Deb, Lori, and all those who not listed
  3. Lori (Norman G): job interview
  4. That God will give them fulfilling and rewarding employment where they will have great favor!

·         Relationship with our Lord:

  1. Crystal Barton (Paul & Lynn Mann): in hospice – prayer for salvation decision. And strength for husband.
  2. David (Bev & Ruben): his mom’s request “he quickly come to the end of himself and look up. Protection for him and all of his family.” Warfare is intense.
  3. Keith (Dawn’s grandson): come to the God of his parents and grandmother

·         Countries:

  1. The hearts of Americans: turn to God! Our land will be healed.
  2. Peace of Jerusalem!

·         Soldiers:

  1. Natan (Les’a and Don’s son and his family) & our soldiers:
  2. Pray for wisdom, accuracy, and knowledge. God will bring them home whole: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. And God will be with their families.

·         Pastors:

  1. God’s wisdom, power, anointing, and favor.