Looking at circumstances G-d’s way

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things,” Phil 4:8.

attitude is a choice“Don’t dwell on your problem, look at life’s circumstances from G-d’s perspective” may sound like a simple platitude. And, indeed, each of our circumstances is very difficult.  But the real issue is where do we want our focus to be: on life’s challenges or on the infinite possibilities G-d has for us? This week I came across 3 individuals whose attitudes are an inspiration.

1). A woman who has enormous complications from a serious auto-immune disease (including being on a list for a Bad Attitudetransplant) commented: “I am so blessed. G-d has given me a wonderful husband and daughter. I may have health issues, but He has blessed me abundantly.”

2). Another woman has undergone many health crises in the last few weeks. She testified that prayer had made the difference. She also has a great sense of humor, and wants to encourage others who are going through life-and-death health issues.

3). A gentleman was born with no arms. Yet, he graduated from college and became an engineer. Today, he not only drives his own car, but he also works for NASCAR Racing Team. Talk about overcoming huge obstacles!! (You’ll be encouraged by watching his video: Man with no arms graduates from college, becomes an engineer, and works for NASCAR Racing Team!

This week, let’s not take the easy way out and get down because of our trials, let’s look to our Creator and focus on His endless possibilities and blessings.


“Almighty, King of Kings – Master of all! We lay our lives on Your altar. Mold us and make us into Your image. Help us to focus on Your and Your amazing possibilities. Thank You for directing our every footstep – we love You, our L-rd and Saviour. Thank You for the amazing innovations and creativity that You’ve given Israelis. We pray that they turn that hunger for creating to You, the divine Creator. Bring Your peace to Your holy city. Bless our country – help us to turn away from mammon and from all the distractions and allures of the world. Thank You for having chosen us. In the Name of the most precious, Yeshua, we pray.”

IMMEDIATE Prayer Requests:  

  1. Pray for Israel!
  2. Protection of the persecuted church.
  3. Connie: emergency surgery, healing.
  4. Jim: 5/12/2015 knee replacement surgery. Please pray that surgery goes swiftly and without incident; that this will alleviate his constant pain.
  5. PJ: healing and favor
  6. Tere: good report
  7. Deb: victory over overwhelming circumstances. Encouragement!! God will provide; prayer for wisdom and favor with all those involved in the decision-making. Protection from false accusations and that truth, victory, and peace will reign. That Deb’s spirit will be lifted up: that she will have the words and clarity of mind to accomplish what needs to be done. That there will be a miraculously successful outcome of fairness and provision for her future.
  8. Cousin (Norm K): passed away, please pray for Norm and his entire family
  9. Carla: continued healing.
  10. Pray for the emotional turmoil of many around us.
  11. Sister-in-law (Les’a): healing of her kidneys and lungs – she’s a strong believer who has many complications from diabetes
  12. Unspoken: favor, truth, and righteous resolution.
  13. Family (Debbie in Houston):Spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.
  14. Friend (Norman G): healing and salvation.
  15. Prayer for family whose young son died.
  16. Marita (Israel): health and renewed vitality. Revitalization.
  17. Prayer for wisdom and favor as we encounter suffering people.
  18. Marriages: peace, harmony, serve G-d
  19. Cynthia (who’s relocated near family in Louisiana): favor for a job, healing for her sister, godly relationships
  20. Jobs: Pamela, Norman G., PJ, Natan and his new military assignment.
  22. REVIVAL in Arizona
  23. FRIENDS: many of our friends are hurting physically and emotionally.
  24. FAMILIES & MARRIAGES: strong, healthy and Christ-centered; spiritual, mental, and emotional healing. God will bring families together. Spirit of division will cease. Family relationships healed! Family members who are far off will return and serve God.
  25. PRAYER FOR OUR SOLDIERS: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally whole!
  26. Protection of believers all over the world.
  27. Encouragement for the heavy-hearted
  28. Paul: total restoration including walking.
  29. Bevin (Les’a’s friend’s husband): physical and emotional healing.
  30. Jessica (Lori & Jim’s daughter): return to the God of her youth – the God of her parents.
  31. John: health and vibrancy

Read all He is doing through prayer!

  1. Maggie (Les’a’s sister in law): came home from hospital again.
  2. Deb got a job!!!
  3. Joe & Mary Benton arrived safely in Tucson from Mexico, where they are Wycliffe Translators.
  4. Dawn: family is turning to HaShem!
  5. Connie: good report from doctor – please pray for total healing!
  6. Alex’s aunt did not need chemo!
  7. Both Connie & Dorey are home from the hospital!!! They are each recuperating well.
  8. Connie’s surgery was successful and she was able to go home at least 2 weeks earlier than expected! We pray for her continual and total healing.
  9. Dorey’s surgery was also successful.
  10. Eric arrived safely in AZ.
  11. Joan and Natan had a great trip back to NM.
  12. Connie came home from rehab!
  13. Joan’s surgery was successful! She received a fantastic report from her surgeon.
  14. Sally’s surgery was successful – she also received an excellent report!