Less than 3 days … what are we going to do???

By Les’a Cole

A massive prayer alert has gone out for Believers all over the world to pray! These midterm elections are critical to our future.

Far right candidate, Jair Bolsonaro was elected this week to be the next president in Brazil. We understand that he is a born-again Christian. During both his campaign and the first few days following his election, Bolsonaro announced he would move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem AND that his first international mission would be to Israel! God Himself answered!

Many of the US races are very close. YHVH’s people MUST be the watchmen on the wall … we must diligently intercede. Our country, our children, and grandchildren need us!!!

Concerned Women for America, Israeli believers, American Christians are all calling for fasting and prayer Monday and Tuesday for our nation’s election.

We earnestly pray for:

  1. Americans to hear and see truth.
  2. Lies and deceit to be exposed.
  3. God to close the mouths and pocketbooks of those who have disdain for His Word.
  4. Godly men and women to be raised up.

3 days until the election. Pray. Fast. Intercede!



“Mighty God, the true founder of this great country, we ask for Your sovereign grace to raise up Godly leaders … righteous men and women. Close the mouths and pocketbooks of those who hate Your name, Your Word. Bring victory to our country for Your name’s sake. Bring peace to our country and to Israel; turn the hearts of Americans and Israelis to You. Help us to stand fast. In Yeshua’s glorious Name, we pray”

IMMEDIATE Prayer Requests:

  1. USA: Peace on our streets. For righteous leaders to be raised up.
  2. Prayer for total financial and emotional miracles.
  3. Israel: peace and righteousness.

Continuous Prayer:

  1. Pray for healing and direction of the US
  2. Pray for Israel!
  3. Protection of the persecuted church
  4. Prayer for our soldiers and those in uniform: that they might be spiritually, mentally, physically, & emotionally whole!