In time of trouble

Prayer Focus week 9 (Sunday-Shabbat)

We continue to see amazing answers to prayer!
Because of your faithfulness in praying, we are seeing circumstances changed by prayer!
Imagine this:
Late in the evening, you receive word that your child has been in a very serious car accident. He was air-lifted to the hospital. He is several states away. The enemy comes in like a flood and tells you: he is going to die. What do you do?
Scriptures upon which to meditate:
o   “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him,” Isaiah 59:19b, KJV.
o   “When Moses’ hands grew tired … Aaron and Hur held his hands up–one on one side, one on the other–so that his hands remained steady till sunset,” Ex 17:12, NIV.
o   “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Matt 18:19-20, NASB.
Another miracle happened!
o   Jon (Phyllis’ son) was in a very serious car accident Friday night. He was air-lifted to the hospital. PTL! He is no longer in life-threatening condition. Has cracked vertebrae in back and neck; broken shoulder. There are enormous family issues. PTL! Neither the woman hit in the other car nor the two passengers were seriously hurt. (I applaud Phyllis: she immediately called for prayer support. We encourage you to do the same whenever over-whelming situations arise. We are here for YOU and will lift up your arms as Aaron and Hur did Moses’! As soon as we got word about Jon, we sent out a text and email – thank you for your quick responses – a miracle happened. Meditate on this: he was the only one of the four in the accident who was air-lifted — someone felt he was in a life-threatening condition. A few hours later, his condition was no longer classified as life-threatening. Our God ANSWERED! )
o   We have seen huge answers to other life-threatening conditions: JJ’s being born weeks premature but is healthy and extremely alert – especially spiritually (just ask his parents or grandparentsJ). Bonnie’s brother (Fred:) after he’d been in ICU for several days, doctors were not convinced he was “fixable.” Yet, last week he was able to return to Globe. Rhonda experienced a very severe reaction to medication – 2 weeks later she was able to come to service.
o   Plus, countless answers regarding surgeries, illnesses, a softening of barriers within families, etc.
Yes, your prayers do count – Our Lord hears them and answers!
ANSWERS: Meditate on these fantastic answers to YOUR prayers! :(answers are highlighted! Let us continue lifting up these situations until there is total victory)
o   Dawn: 2nd knee replacement surgery. Doctors were amazed at how much better her second knee is healing than the first, which was only a month ago. Please pray there is no strain on the 1st knee
o   Norman’s surgery: that satan would be bound from further attack on Norman’s heart. Doctor feels Norman’s heart will function properly!
o   R: severe reaction to medicine; was in ICU for 7 days; she was stabilized. -– She was released from the hospital Friday & she was able to come to service Sat – and 2 weeks ago she was extremely critical!
o   Fred (Bonnie’s brother): he moved out of ICU (after almost 3 weeks!); there is improvement – hallelujah! That issues will be overcome, started to hemorrhage.  – he was released from St. Joe’s to go to rehab in his hometown, Globe. Three weeks ago, doctors didn’t know if he would live! Family members began speaking who hadn’t talked in 5-10 years!
o   Danielle (Phyllis’ daughter): drug-free for over three weeks and has her children back!
o   Phyllis: “ After my doctor and I chatted about what had been going on regarding my physical issues, she told me that she saw a totally different person in me than she had seen in many years.  She said everything about me was better…that I seemed to have a glow about me and that I seemed to be at peace with my life. I shared with her that I had found a congregation since I moved and that I felt closer to God than I have felt in quite a long time.  I told her how I worked every day to be the person I know the Lord wants me to be. She was so happy for me and pleased in the changes in my life… Yes, I still have physical issues but that is something we all have and learn to deal with.“
o   Cynthia: “I have always enjoyed praying & fasting together for friends and families.
Other requests: (please email updates on these situations)
o   Jim’s acquaintance: God will open his eyes to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior and that he will accept the word of God.
o   Donna (Betty and Harold’s friend): young woman with serious heart condition, possible heart attack.
o   Time with his children: after a time of emotional distance.
o   C’s sister: recovering from a divorce.
o   C and sisters to meet godly men.
o   Jon (Phyllis’ son) and David (Bev & Ruben’s son): that they return to the God of their parents/ of their youth; that their families be healed.
o   A daughter in law): that her heart would be drawn to her husband; that the Lord would place believers in her path.
o   Frank & Judy (Art’s, Pamela’s & Norman’s friends): God will intervene, provide additional support, and give direction. (Frank has been Judy’s sole care giver for all 30 years she has had MS. He is now in his 70s, and she is a quadriplegic.)
o   A’s Medicare situation to be straightened out – to his financial benefit. And for doctors to find the right solution to his health issues.
o   All of Deb’s requirements would be fulfilled and that she will get the part-time job.
o   Ruthie (Bev’s friend): heavy spiritual attack; that she is encouraged and resists.
o   Travis (Les’a & Don’s friend & a man of God): that the Lord would bring him the perfect helpmate –to share his life and to be a partner in ministry.
o   Families (all of our families): to be whole and walk in the ways of the Lord!
o   CFS (we!): will have wisdom and tenacity to continue on to see victory!