How a Seed of Faith Grows

Sometime ago I wanted to work for a Christian Ministry in Jerusalem, so I phoned my prayer partner Melissa about my immediate desire and asked her to pray for me. She suggested that we drive our cars to the Mall and find a quiet place to pray to God to open the right door. We met weekly, praying an hour each time.

We continued to pray even after a year had gone by. One day I saw in a vision a little seed with a tap-root. I turned to Melissa and said, “God just answered my prayers.” [Indeed a few months later, Marita was suddenly given permission to return to her beloved Israel — a huge miracle!]

So she asked me what I meant. So I told her about my vision and soon I would be in Jerusalem. In the vision I saw a very long tap-root growing from a seed and it was long enough that fruit would soon develop. The fruit of our praying was a door opening for me to work for the right Christian Ministry, which proved very fruitful in my life for many years.

In 2 Kings 19:29 it says… “The surviving remnant of the house of Israel will again take root downward and bear fruit upward.”

Faith has to go downward before fruit appears upward. All these months of praying the tap-root was growing and maturing, and God allowed me to see how faith grows from a little seed. I researched the meaning of a tap-root and discovered that it develops from a radical of a seed, forming the primary root. A tap-root is an enlarged, somewhat straight to tapering plant root that grows downward. It forms a center from which other roots sprout laterally. There is a one main root (the primary root) that is larger than the lateral roots. It continues to grow vertically for a long period of time. Tap-roots can grow deep to “mine” for water and minerals. Once the tap-root is firmly established, the branches start sprouting and fruit will appear.

Spiritually, if you keep watering the seed with the word of God, He will cause the tap-root to grow and eventually bear much fruit. You, being faithful
to pray, working in partnership with God will cause faith to explode into substance. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)