Holocaust Miracle #1 (profounding moving)

Some years ago I was enjoying a bit of a holiday lolling around a swimming pool in the Galilee. A British Jewish woman sauntered up to me and began to talk with me. As part of the conversation, she related to me this simply astounding story!! She had been a nurse in the World War ll, and when she returned to live in England, she became the director of an agency which placed Jewish war orphans into British Jewish homes in the Orthodox section of London, called Finchley.

She assured me that the following story was absolutely true as she was a part of it herself, plus the elderly couple involved were close relatives of hers.

The elderly couple had had only one child – a daughter – and when she became a young lady she moved to Germany where she married a German Jewish man. Very sadly, both she and her husband were put into one of the prison death camps and exterminated. When word reached the elderly couple in London they were beside themselves with grief – nothing could console them! Several weeks passed by, and my nurse-friend had the idea to offer them to take one of these Jewish war orphans to adopt. The idea seemed foolish to them as they claimed they were too old. It was not till some time later that she begged them once again to try to ease their sorrow by taking one of these children from the depot to adopt. Finally they begrudgingly relented and went to the depot. There were only 2 kids left – a bother and a sister – and they didn't want to be separated. The older couple fell in love with them right away, so took them both. Right from the start there seemed to be an uncanny rapport between them, and it did much to help their grief subside.

One day the older couple heard the children up in the attic – they were shouting and jumping, laughing and crying, all at the same time. The couple lumbered upstairs to see what all the fuss was about, and discovered that the kids had found an old desk, and had opened one of the drawers. They were excitedly pointing to a large photograph of the old couple's daughter and her German husband. As the kids pointed at the photograph, they shrieked out: “Mutter und Vater” (Mother and Father). This photo was their daughter who had perished and her husband. THESE were the old couple's own grandchildren! Imagine that! They could have been placed anywhere in the world, or anywhere else in the Jewish neighborhood, or even next door – and they would have missed them! But the God of Israel brought them right to the EXACT home they should be in! And think of it! Had they taken these kids the first time they were asked to, they would have chosen the wrong children! If that isn't a miracle, I don't know what IS!!