Elul week 3: of our Walls of Jericho fast … though the battle rages

Do NOT allow the enemy to discourage you!!!

By Les’a Cole

Though the battle may rage around us, our God, our YHVH, is our refuge. Though the enemy may try to dissuade us, discourage us, depress us, our YHVH is with us.

King David reminds us in Ps 40:2 ESV: “He  drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure”. And Is 57:2a further encourages us: “For the righteous man is taken away from evil, He enters into peace.”

Yes, the battle is great – but HE is our shield! As we continue to press in on our fasts, we WILL see Him bring down those spiritual walls. YHVH is not only bringing us through trials, He’s molding each of us to be His effective warriors.

In the midst of all this, He is with us; and He is answering!!! What signs of encouragement have you seen this last week!?! Were you encouraged by the numbers of speakers at the Convention who referred to God! Look at the large number who credited God with their positive outcome… YES, He is answering … let’s continue pressing in.


“Mighty God, I continue to be amazed at the tenderness of Your love for each of us!! Thank You for Your protection for each of these who’ve been in critical conditions. We ask that You heal each one totally … that YOU heal our land … that YOU give us god-fearing leaders!!! Also, please continue building our faith that we might serve You more effectively. Turn the hearts of Israelis and Americans to You. Bring Your peace to these two nations. In the most holy Name of our Messiah, b’shem Yeshua. Amen.”